4 Tech Predictions to Have a Major Impact In Today’s Times

The shore of technology has been washed with huge waves after waves surfing with the much needed transition and innovations. With technology roaring and splashing at such a fast pace, what are the technological trends that are going to shape the year 2016? Here are 6 tech predictions associated with security, IoT, big data and tech market that are most likely to cause some serious ripples in the sea of technology …

The Device Mesh will grow further

So what is a device mesh? It means the expanding set of endpoints that people utilize to access information and applications to either interact with social communities, businesses, or people in general. Device mesh consists of wearable and consumer home electronic devices, mobile devices, automotive devices, and environmental devices like sensors that constitute the Internet of Things (IoT). The post mobile world is diverting all its attention on the mobile user who sits in the pool of devices and is aiming at taking its usage past the traditional mobile devices.

Devices up till now have mostly operated in isolation from one another connected to back-end system through various networks but as this evolves with the tides of technology going up, we are about to see connection models to further widen up their horizons and surface up with  further facilitation of interaction between devices. Up till now, the IoT applications were considered a good possession without any business oriented focus. Tides of technology are going to change this. With contextual data holding more significance, businesses and governments are going to dig into IoT to bring a substantial change in our everyday lives. Apps, things, and people are just too interweaved into each other with things like security cameras, thermostats, cars getting sewn to each other with the constant yarn of  personalized information right into their devices.

The death of the password

2015 has seen some very serious data breaches including the Sony incident that was labeled as the ‘hack of the century’ rendering the company huge losses. Then there is news about amazon that reveals the hype about the death of password. You cannot offer a high security environment if your security approach consists of analyzing risk when a threat comes knocking your door. You ensure a high security environment when your system constantly evaluates someone’s authenticity simultaneously with easy-to-use quality. This way you can stop the threat even before it reaches your door.

With the advent of Internet of Things meshing up countless devices, apps and services,  constant authentication of users and continuous monitoring in your domain will be of immense importance and advantage to your  business. Developers now have to come up with security solutions that utilize adaptive risk, multifactor authentication and contextual identity. This approach to security will be welcomed with open hands in the market place and ultimately become the new normal. The reason being its ability to monitor the devices, authenticity of users, services and things round the clock along with minimizing risk as soon as any threat is spotted.

Adtech-based display close to its end

The ad blocker issue will continue to gain pace. It’s no secret that consumer is king and consumer will be exposed to advertising when they want it and only when it’s relevant. This will offer a new turn to the industry with lots of opportunities. Social and native advertising will further grow. This will be a blow to advertisers since they will have to invest in new paid channels offering more efficiency with the biggest being ‘Search 2.0”. The increase of search-like channels in virtual assistants like Facebook is going to offer an exhilarating demand driven ride for paid presence. With mountainous surge in progress of artificial intelligence applications and growth of connected devices, the dialogue-based system for facilitating seller and buyer match will have huge opportunities and scope for further growth and innovation.

Device to cloud security protection will be the new standard

The security data chain continues to proliferate with business technology gaining more momentum. This leaves you with more chances of being exposed to a hacker’s attempt to get in. Data chains have now extended to network, cloud, device and chip pricking the organizations to understand that piecemeal approach is no longer effective. This has resulted in a shift towards adopting more ‘chip to cloud’ security strategy right from silicon level to cloud security.

What this model basically does to shield your system is it secures all your objects that can come online right at the moment they go online. In other words, their identity is authenticated instantly without any delay. This is a great plus as it also diminishes chances of window hackers getting in through unsecured objects and putting the entire data chain at risk just through one unsecure object.