Gearing up Cloud Security in the Wake of Cyber Threats

They rightly say necessity is the mother of invention and it can’t ring truer for Cloud. With the necessary and timely advances in Cloud and its features, cloud security also keeps developing. Change is the constant in technology and you can only succeed if you tag along with the change just like Amazon did by taking necessary initiatives to enhance its Cloud security with intentions of drawing more customers.  The Cloud Organizations need to realize that the path to success not only involves providing your clients with the products they demand but also shielding the products from potential cyber threat.

Amazon never lags behind with security

There is no questioning as to who is dominating the Cloud market space. Of course! It is the Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS has recently made the announcement of introducing two new products especially made for serving the purpose of supporting, motivating and assisting companies to secure and maintain their data in the AWS cloud.

One is database migration service that enables a simple and quick migration of PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server database to AWS.  Then there is Amazon inspector which is much like a bot service. It looks for security threats and vulnerabilities and then comes up with a report showing the security status along with suggesting what is to be done. What’s more is that this service also enables companies avoid the problematic loop holes they sometimes fall into when introducing new features into their apps.

Do you know the 8 major cloud security risk categories?

The European Network Information Security Agency revealed 35 Cloud security risk categories and further filtered them to 8 major ones. Here they are…

  • Compliance Risks
  • Data protection
  • Loss of governance
  • Isolation failure
  • Lock-in
  • Malicious insider
  • Insecure of incomplete data deletion
  • Management interface compromise

Let’s take a look at some key trends in cyber threats…

  • As more and more companies move towards cloud computing, threat vectors are coming towards cloud at a rate 3 to 4 times more than it was just a year ago, confirmed Chenxi Wang, vice president of Cloud security and strategy at CipherCloud, San Jose, Calif.

Wang contended that “In the past, the target has been the organization. Now we have seen a lot more sophisticated attacks targeting cloud applications, where they’re using the cloud as a vector to attack the organization.” She further explained with an example saying that an attacker can start off with gaining access to google credentials in the Cloud and then make use of that to get access to the entire organization.

  • The attackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their kill. Cisco’s Munroe term it as “industrialization of hacking” which in turn is peaking up the demand of security particularly the demand for Cloud security. Munroe believes “The response has to be as fast. The response has to be as pervasive and continuous. This is describing cloud and cloud-delivered solutions.”
  • As data breaches make up to front headlines, more and more Organizations realize the need to build defense strategies by studying the way attackers are infiltrating and approaching their businesses.

What’s new on Cloud Security?

  • News has it that WinMagic has plunged into the enterprise cloud security with their very own tools- SecureDoc  CloudSync . This security software extends its hands to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It enables encryption of files before they are synced to enterprise file sync and share services (EFSS) along with simplification of  encryption keys management. What’s more is that there is no need of additional end-user passwords with SecureDoc CloudSync. This solution enables companies to encrypt their file letting the encryption to remain with file in the cloud.
  • You must have probably heard of this over $1 billion IT security company, Startup Zscaler. They have a reputation of digging and throwing out malware and other cyber threat from about 100 global data centers. Now they have diverted all their attention towards the banking and financial sectors out there and teamed up with a former banking executive to its staff in order to attract customers from financial service sector. They have mutually come to the conclusion that “if the future was going to be the cloud, then security and policy management would have to move to the cloud.”

Wrap up!

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