Healthcare is in Dire Need of HIPAA Compliant MSPs

Did you know that a recent Raytheon/Websense research announced that health care industry goes through 340 percent more security attacks and incidents than any other industry! Just imagine 340 percent! Isn’t the stat just terrifying? Then there is a the oft quoted survey conducted by KPMG recently that states that 81% of the health care executives (223 in number) confess that their organizations have been subjected to cyber threat at least once in the last 2 years. Who knows the other 19% don’t even know that they also fall in the 81%. It doesn’t matter whether you have been hit by a cyber threat yet or not, you eventually will with such alarming stats on the rise. When it does strike your organization, have you planned out your fallout strategy yet?

Attacks and Breaches on health care still peaking up

With 120 million plus health records compromised in the year 2015 alone and the numbers still expected to be on the rise in the year 2016, 2015 is sure to be looked back as a year of colossal damage to health care sector. Compared to all other industrial sectors, Identity Theft Resource Center reports most records to be compromised at health care department alone.  It’s true that financial sector used to be the most hit sector but then they had been paying attention to cyber security for 20 years now.

So why do cyber criminals target health care enterprises? The reason is very simple to understand. Just take a look at your own health care data that’s there either with a health care provider or a doctor. Would you ever want someone else to get hold of that confidential information of yours? Nobody would! Personal health information (PHI) is confidential to everyone. The more confidential it is, the more the hackers would like the access to it. The health care provider retains complete data sets knowing almost everything about you. And guess what makes it even more alluring to hackers? This data even contains sensitive financial information and links to insurance.

What’s more is that for many providers, basic necessary security doesn’t even exist so they could even know they are being attacked. This lack of focus on cyber security has resulted in building a lot of pressure particularly on small enterprises.

What makes cyber-attacks so successful?

Going digital comes with its pros and cons and the health care community seems to be most shaken up with the cons particularly the digital security issue.

Something to be wary of is that several providers are making use of insufficient or outdated electronic medical records (EMR) software. Software vendors are offering products that are not enough for connected and networked environments. Security provided by these providers is mostly very basic and can’t cater to complex security issues.

What further adds to this risk is the growing popularity of internet of things. It has resulted in things becoming more and more integrated and connected. Watches, medical devices, copiers and others have become connected with absolutely no access limitations at times. This in turn is a prime time for hackers to access your servers away.

Traditional methods were great because old paper records could not be easily stolen and stealing huge amounts of records was almost impossible. What’s more is that ePHI is highly easy to transfer or distribute. It’s no secret that modern world allows you to carry huge amounts of medical records on laptop, tablet, smartphone, USB drive etc making the data exposed to more risk. Data theft EXISTS and can be very easily compromised in small provider’s offices.

What to do with amidst all this chaos?

What is the top cybersecurity threat encountered by the health care industry? A survey revealed 67% to be malware infecting the systems and 57% HIPAA violations. This reveals the potential concern to be MSPs and health care market to be in dire need of efficient and quality HIPAA compliant MSPs. IT solution providers like Dezine Geek offers HIPAA compliant MSPs who cater to all your concerns and vulnerabilities discussed earlier.

Now before you jump into hiring an MSP, you should know that if any medical provider uses the services of an MSP which is not HIPPAA compliant, then they are actually violating HIPAA. If MSPs are to provide security and support to health care organizations, they need to be HIPAA compliant themselves. Another thing that should ring an alarm in your head is when they tell you that you just have use some encryptions, simply sign a business associate agreement and follow the trails of some security practices. HIPAA compliance isn’t just about that. It is charged with so much more. If an MSP is just HIPAA talk and no action, you will have another cost to pay. Dezine Geek understands that and provides you with the upgraded, latest, and most effective managed security service. So are you ready to face the inevitable?