How Your Startup Can Benefit From Cloud Computing and Growth Hacking

It’s no joke to compete with already established larger companies using traditional techniques. You need an absolutely creative mind to do the thinking and get your company to grow efficiently, smoothly and quickly. Having limited resources, within 5 years of time half the new businesses tend to fail. Intimidating isn’t it? There are some complimentary ingredients to a successful business like the products that people demand, product that work and perform as they should, efficient team leading, the ability to deliver at the right timings, but there are few anchors that you can throw in the sea of market and utilize it to successfully stabilize the ship of your business.

Anchor 1- Cloud computing

Cloud computing solution can prove to be a very heavy anchor that lets your startups to grow and scale smoothly. It offers freshly charged competitive benefits. Here is how…

Immense flexibility and scalability

Cloud computing seamlessly empowers the workforce by letting you and your employees access a host of powerful applications and corporate network from any device. This way employee can work from anywhere using any device. And guess what? With such a virtualized network you can access Content management systems (CMS), check your work related email, address customer concerns and even tune your products while on the move. You can access your startup WHENEVER you like. Moreover, you can keep your costs low by only adding the services you need.

Business Continuity

Your business has to be built on concrete foundation with reliable and robust business continuity and disaster recovery strategy with its key element. Basing your IT hardware and key data on cloud computing quickens the response needed when anything stumbles. Your business can just get back up whenever it falls and run more smoothly in unlikely and extreme situations.

Cost effective

If you had to name a single greatest advantage of cloud computing solutions, this would be it. You can do so much for so less. You can deploy capital focusing on IT infrastructure and with time you can improve it just by spending little money. With the money you save, you can give your license fees for your business.

Anchor 2- Growth hacking

One of the most difficult tasks for an early startup is getting its name in the jungle of market out there. Growth hacking came into being because of NEED of business to reach out to larger potential audience in shortest time possible. Growth hacking strategy may be different for different businesses but there are some hacks that are applicable to all no matter what service, product or niche your business caters to. Are you an early stage startup? Don’t worry! You don’t need handsome amount of money for this. You can try these tactics and enjoy loyal customers.

Offer for FREE

It’s human nature to absolutely adore stuff that comes free of cost. Who doesn’t! You enhance your popularity by offering something absolutely free. For instance, when Hotmail started off with its browse based email service back in 1996, it offered a free account and quickly made 20,000 users. By marketing itself with “get your free email at Hotmail”, the number mounted up to 1 million in just the first 6 months.

Start a Referral Program

Do you need a chain of customers who actually believe in your service rather than lay customers who aren’t sure about you? Then setting up a referral program can be one of the best methods because it actually works. For instance, when the famous Dropbox first started off, it made an offer of upgraded storage to every referral party whose sign up was still on pending. As soon as both the users signed up, they got an extra 500MB totally free. This made Dropbox’s user base expand to 4 million from a mere 100,000 only in 15 months.

Get Exclusive

It’s human nature to like it when they are given undivided exclusive attention. It makes them feel special. This is the reason exclusive offer and invitations works so well every time. Pinterest was solely invitation in the beginning. However, it enabled users to request for an invitation if they wanted to join. When the invitation was requested, Pinterest sent an email telling the users that although the waiting list is a little long but still there request has been accepted. The need to be a part of the brand was instilled in the users letting them grow to 70 million users from a mere 100,000.

Final word!

Gearing up your business with the right arsenals before you deploy it in the market fighting its way up for your success is imperative. There are many tools available to accelerate the startups even free services. Some managed startup service providers like Dezine Geek facilitate and encourage startups with free tools and infrastructure. To check out further details, take a look at Dezine Geek’s Managed services for startup program.