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12 Predictions About Web Design In 2015

The New Year’s Here, let’s just hope our new website does too in all its glory. We’ve had our design finalized, so as the Htmlization, and we are just waiting on our chief developer to pick up his pace. Developers, man! They’re all same and always over worked. Actually, we’ve all been pretty busy and […]

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7 Reasons Why A Responsive Website Wins In SEO

The mobile web, which is accountable for more than 60 percent of search queries from all over the world, is the future of internet. With smart phones, People today get whatever they need from the internet on the go. This is the reason more businesses today are transitioning from a desktop only web presence to […]

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Responsive Web Design Vs Adaptive layout, Which One Rocks?

The Mobile web has been revolutionized with smartphones, and tablets with their growing popularity are throwing another wrench in to the gears. Considering this, a website of today must perform parallel and with great efficiency on a low resolution smartphone, a medium resolution tablet or a high resolution desktop or laptop. This is what a […]

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Project Post-Mortem: How To Make Your Project A Success

Your project is mostly done. You’ve designed & tested it, it’s live & works. The gears are whirring on their axels just the way you wanted and your final invoice is paid. But before you move on to the next project, or your next looming deadline, did you happen to review your operations and the […]

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How to be a Design Geek (Dezine Geeks best design practices)

A good design isn’t always just about good looks. It should also perform with same efficacy, should convert and also keep on astonishing web visitors which is one of its main purposes. At the same time a good design should also be innovative or it might just get the job done; says Dezine Geek. Inspired […]

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5 Great Tips for Tuning a Mobile E-Commerce Site

It has been estimated in the last holiday season alone that mobile e-commerce traffic is accountable for more than 50% of the traffic generated in the online realm. Besides traffic, more than 25% of the online conversions or purchases have also been made through various mobile devices. With experts in mobile strategy hinting that there […]

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7 Deadly Sins Of Custom WordPress Development – Part 2

Like our Previous Post, Here too we’ll look at some cardinal offenses committed in Custom WordPress Development and how you can avoid them. Remember if your WordPress website is judged, you will be held accountable for any of these sins. 1. Overloading Your Theme’s “Functions.php” With Tons Of Plugins There are a number of reasons […]

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7 Deadly Sins Of Custom WordPress Development

WordPress, the choicest CMS all over the world is renowned for its freedom that lets WordPress Developers extend their platform to just about anything. However, when coding for WordPress, you should make sure that your plugins & themes can play nice and smooth with other WordPress extensions. This is because; Developing in a vacuum is […]

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5 Simple Tips to Turn Your Ecommerce Website Efficient & Friendly – Part 1

Having an ecommerce website is a very competitive business because your rivals are just a click away. Hence if a customer doesn’t like the way your ecommerce website feels like, he or she will simply go & buy the products from your rival’s website. In the World of ecommerce, it doesn’t matter if your prices […]

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