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4 Essential Elements For An Appealing Startup Website

You’ve done your homework and built a start-up from scratch. You are finally ready to take your inventory in line and make sales. But, there is just one more thing left to tackle: building a strong & appealing website.

You might have a great inspiration or tons of ideas to begin with, but unless you put in the right elements that reflect your niche and appeal to the right audience, your website will sink.

Dezine Geek believes that there are 4 essential elements for building a powerful and compelling startup website. So starting with the first, here is the knowledge that you won’t want to forget.

Understand & Focus On Your Website’s Function


 What is your website for, do you want to inform your customers, encourage them to try your services, or sell your products.

If your websites is for distributing information and you want a click & go solution, consider using WordPress or a similar open source CMS like Drupal. If your website involves selling products online, you will need a solution especially designed for ecommerce such as Magento, OScommerce, Shopify, OpenCart or WooCommerce.

Because of WordPress’s high usability and less sophistication, some startups even customize WordPress to not only handle content distribution but also the product buying process.

But you can only craft such a website if you have an early understanding of your aims and the function of your website. Once you do, be sure to focus on it to the core so that you don’t have to crowbar in it afterwards.

Market Your Brand Not Just Your Offerings


Your company brand is not signified only by the logo sitting at the corner of your homepage, and if you are limiting it to that only then you are missing out on a great tool to enhance your startup.

You should know that brand awareness is the key to any business’s success; hence it should be communicated and marketed consistently through your website. You must tie your brand to each element of your website, from your images to your color scheme to your content. No matter, if there are other businesses dealing in the same products as you, this practice will allow your customers to identify you, differentiate you and appreciate you as a brand. And perhaps most importantly, they will remember your business long after they have viewed your website.

Simply put, incorporating your brand in every aspect of your website will skyrocket your website’s power and effectiveness.

Design For Mobile Internet Users


 A large percentage of the internet users come from the mobile market. There number is growing in such a pace that soon there will be little to no desktop users left. Hence, it is important that you should improvise your target market in the same way.

Businesses belonging to any niche are now commonly adapting and exploring the mobile first strategy. Apps are good, but Dezine Geek believes that having a responsive design which automatically fits a website onto a standard device frame is crucial for your startup while capturing mobile audience.

Understand The Art Of Detailing & Sweat The Small Stuff


 If you think that with a basic design template and tossing a few graphics or little content in your free time, you can drive your startup to success- then you Sir, will get to nowhere but failure. 

Each and every aspect of your website, even the smallest detail, right down to every letter, every word, and every line should be relevant & engaging. Furthermore, as mentioned above, your images and color schemes should not only be attractive, but also tie into your brand.  Same involves for your call to actions which must be appealing and straightforward.



Unless you are an expert or making startup websites every next day, you cannot DIY your website and hope that it all will be a success. The elements of your website are not going to magically come together, you need craftsmanship and professionals who will understand your vision and tie it to the elements seamlessly.

With the help of aforementioned points, their proper planning, strategic implementation and the marriage of all the right elements you will have a powerful startup website. But once that is achieved, you must test every detail to ensure that it correlated with your business model and goals- only then, your website will be as appealing and ambitious as your startup idea.