What it takes to manage backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution?

Data is everything

What does a backup and disaster recovery actually do for you in one line? It bullet proofs your data. The data of your company is irreplaceable, indispensable and extremely invaluable. A company’s computer system tends to be fragile and your data could be all wiped out in seconds. Just imagine for a second what IF that really happens? A tremendously scary thought, isn’t it? With the increased amount of data breaches happening, you could be the next target. It will not only cost you a lot of money and time but it will hamper your day to day business operations. Save yourself from multiple layers of loss and potential data disaster. How can you do that? Simply by performing frequent backups of your data every 25, 30, 40 or 60 minutes. That would basically be determined based on the frequency of activity.

Role of Backup and disaster recovery solution

Backup and disaster recovery is a step up in any MSP portfolio these days as data lies at the heart of decision making processes. Gone are the days when you thought of backup and disaster recovery only as a preventative measure. Cyber threats have become an extremely evolved being making on to the front page of news these days. Security risks and new threats today consist of user error, hardware failure, malware attacks, spear phishing, and many more which have made BDR really complex and hard to manage. Being an MSP, you will have clients that lean on comfortably on your wall knowing that their data is backed up, accessible and secure.

Are you up for completely shielding yourself from the bullets of the threat landscape lurking out there? You will require a technical BDR team to perform activities like troubleshooting failures, monitoring and verifying backups, adjusting retention policies and many other things. The process of hiring, training and retaining these team members can quickly build up a high cost for you. This is where a fully managed BDR platform like Dezine Geek jumps in and keeps you from breaking your bank while offering you efficient managed backup services. Instead of loading your already burdened technical staff with more work or hiring new staff, allow a managed backup service to handle all the work for you round the clock.

So what will the managed BDR team do for you?

Did you know a typical BD technician could cost you $50,000 but let’s just cut down all that cost and let us give you some deep insight into the workings of managed back up service. Here is what they can do for you:

  • They Monitor backup status both onsite and offsite along with tracking offsite storage and bandwidth utilization. All this while, a managed BDR makes sure things are running successful as well as on time with offsite syncs happening.
  • Just in case backup verifications fail and back up processes don’t run or fail, the task of troubleshooting and remediating servers and local appliance is performed.
  • The team of tech smiths monitors the servers and local appliances for hardware, software updates, performance and space.
  • Complete verification and end to end management of backups is done.
  • Exclusive availability of support round the clock via chat or phone.

… and what are the things BDR technicians assist you with?

  • Disaster recovery support is provided that includes complete site rebuilding and full site DR in the cloud.
  • Tests are conducted for offsite virtualized servers, full site disaster recovery and onsite standby server functionality and performance with VPN settings and user access.
  • Ticketing is available for backup related issues like hardware failure.
  • Data recovery consists of mailbox and message level recovery, full bare metal restore, partition restore, and file and folder restores.
  • Just in case backup verifications fail and back up processes don’t run or fail, the task of troubleshooting and remediating servers and local appliance is performed.
  • Real time back up is offered as frequent as every 15minutes.

Something to reflect on!

According to a recent study, among companies that went through disastrous loss of computer records, 51% closed within 2 years of loss, 43% never reopened, and as small as 6% survived. This is enough to say that data is central to your company. Your company breaths and survives on it. Loss of data means loss of company records, patient or client files, client’s legal records, emails, accounting data and much more. Dezine Geek completely understands the importance data holds for you. So have you geared up your company’s data with the armors of BDR before the bullet finds you?