The Need of an Ecommerce Website

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Gone are the days when the success of a business was only dependent on its physical availability or stores. Now that the era is of smart hand held devices ruled over by the internet, you can miss out a big chunk of revenue by not targeting the masses that acquire services and products online. Or worse, if your business is not there, where potential customers are looking, your business can find it really hard to stay afloat.

An ecommerce website is what you require. An online store that is much easier to explore than a physical store, allows you to display your vast product catalogs, however, operates in a same way like your physical store when it comes to charging a customer. Just like in your physical store, your web visitor would surf through your ecommerce website’s pages, pick two or three items, add them to their carts, pay you through credit card or pay pal and then move on.

This scenario is basically applied on some of the most functional and smooth ecommerce websites. Read on below, as we tell you how we can manufacture such an ecommerce website for you.

What we have in store for you

At Dezinegeek we develop ecommerce websites for customers who know the value of having online peers and customers. Our ecommerce websites consist of both a unique and alluring design and a functional, bug free development. This not only allows you to showcase your product catalogs online but also allow your peers to explore their nitty gritties way better than a physical store would.
Plus, your ecommerce website would provide you the opportunity to market your brand and products all over the alcove- by generating traffic and offering improved visuals through our friendly and optimized UX.

How will we do it?

Ecommerce Website Design

Let’s start with your ecommerce website design. If you have a physical store, its great as we will utilize that same theme and elements found in your store, but if you don’t and going for an ecommerce website is your priority prospect- then we make sure your design reflects the products or services you are offering. We start by first doing a keen analysis of your business, what you plan it to be and what your products and services are.

From then on, our ecommerce website designers procure a brand identity for you that depict the whole analysis we did for your business. Once the color for the logo has been decided, we use it as the main theme of your website, and then employ some other elements which would enrich your website’s navigation and enhance your user experience. The inner pages of your ecommerce website are procured with same scrutiny, ensuring that each product category and the product itself is displayed as a priority with enhanced visuals and having CTAs at the right spots to lure in potential customers. The next big thing we await is you’re approval for the design. Our designs are made with extreme precision of the client’s requirements, however, we still provide our clients with 2 mock-ups so that they have some options to choose from.

Ecommerce Website Development

Once the design has been approved, the team that looks after your requirements are the ecommerce website developers. The ecommerce website development is carried out with the same idea of providing easy maneuverability to your visitors and inhibiting sophistication. Here our ecommerce website developers also utilize the backend of your choice or completely customize the one we feel can provide the best results.

The website upon completion is checked and re-checked to remove any possible loopholes and further security tools are also integrated to improve the security of your website and data transition.

Our Ecommerce Website Portfolio

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