What is PHP?

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PHP, an open source scripting language allows websites to be encoded with vast range of customizable features, applications and new capabilities as the technology evolves. But if you are not a programmer, all that you would want from your website is for it to perform the things it needs to do well and in time. Well for us programmers PHP language is the bread and butter of our trade.

The truth is, a website’s scripting language such as PHP has a huge impact not only on your website’s performance, but also denotes what features can it use, how much customizable and secure it is and even its long term compatibility.

PHP provides websites diverse functionality and it can be used to make websites as simple a basic 4 page info site to a complex MySQL database ecommerce project- which could house thousands of products and even suggest products based on a user’s behaviour.

PHP web development at Dezinegeek

Although, we specialize in a lot of services at Dezinegeek, but most of our services are dependent upon our expertise in PHP programing. Our specialization in making PHP websites allows us to provide you with a comprehensive range of Web solutions such as building up a custom website, application development, Customizing open source content and database management system and managing superior ecommerce systems as Magento, OScommerce etc.

Specialization in PHP development allows Dezinegeek to tool nearly any design features and customized applications in your website. This allows you to harness limitless prospects to your web presence and optimize its reach and user experience.

Our expertise in PHP development

There is an exhaustive list of custom website features, and software application in PHP development that we offer including:

  • Google Map and UPS API integration
  • Dynamic Database generation
  • MySQL Database management
  • Banner and button Ad management
  • Google Map and UPS API integration
  • Custom ecommerce web development and design
  • Custom precession based analytical systems
  • Custom Backed development and Customized Content management systems
  • Custom MySQL Database management systems

In addition to PHP development, Dezinegeek also caters professional customization and programing of MySQL database systems. We utilize this prowess for such websites which require multiple user accesses to the backend for catalog or content updates. Although MySQL management is also paired with PHP development but has its own level of sophistication- this however allows infinite opportunities for customization.

So contact us today to tell us your custom PHP web development needs. We have proven time and again to create solutions that are bug free work amazingly!!

Our PHP Website Portfolio

  • Web Design + PHP Coding

  • Web Design + PHP Coding

  • Web Design + PHP Coding

  • Web Design + PHP Coding

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