What are Infographics and why do they rule

Designed and composed By Amir Altaf.

Most of us are visual learners and we process information more on the basis of what we see. So as we all love sharing ideas, then what better way can there be besides proposing the ideas in visuals. This is what Infographics are all about. In Simple words Infographics are collection of information which are depicted in the form of cool-poster like images, pictures, animations and coupled by an alluring design.

Infographics are the smartest substitute of lengthy notions that require word hungry definitions and descriptions. This is why their ability to let people understand the whole scenario and message in the single most engaging graphical pieces, have got Infographics a raging popularity on the web.

The intense desire and opportunity to create Infographics came forth through social media just when sharing videos, photographic messages or drawings were instantly becoming viral and a trend. This was when graphics geniuses turned towards formulating graphical representations of wordy literature, Blogs, technical manuals, strategies and even marketing campaigns that prevented online peers from excessive reading, boredom and get their attention very quickly.

Nowadays, some of the most behemoth organizations are using Infographics for not just defining their services or products but also attract buyers, increase their reach and also their revenue.

Infographics from Dezinegeek

At Dezinegeek our focus while creating an infographic design is Uniqueness. An infographic which is One of a Kind in design, content, feel and everything. Our infographic designers are creative braniacs who seek out the most distinguished ideas for creating your infographic. Once a query has been received for a certain infographic, our designers first plot the mock-up diagrams in sketches, just to make the final product, utterly distinguished, striking and just as alluring.

We do coordinate with our clients and keep them in the loop throughout the whole procedure just to make sure that the final infographic design would not only be magnificent on the web but is also in consent with the client.

Our content strategy teams also plays a big part in layering the infographic with taglines, and catchy descriptions that are not only engaging but, also point out the whole message, the infographic is being made for. Their Persuasive yet prolific CTAs also help our clients’ gain the true potential the infographic is required for; Conversions.

Our Marketers also assist in highlighting the trendiest adaptions in the required infographic and narrate guide lines that would make them more engaging and click worthy on social media. Once the Infographic design is completed; it’s just a matter of minutes for such visuals to go viral on the web and let your company garner the best interest and attention from your customers.

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I have worked with countless designers over the past 15 years, and I can say, without a doubt, that the team behind Dezine Geek ranks among the top tier. They are dependable, dedicated, loyal, and above all, extremely talented.

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